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Hi, my name is Rose Gallo-Rojas and I’ve been a sales and marketing executive in the cosmetics industry for the past 20 years.  I’ve worked for big companies like Lancome and niche brands like Smashbox and H2O Plus.    I enjoyed the excitement, the promotions and the product development.  But the recent economy had a negative effect on my industry, especially in the department store channel, where it lost considerable market share to the more profitable dot coms of the world.   Department stores were beginning to focus predominantly on big cosmetics companies (they still had the muscle, the volume and the budgets for promotional activity and advertising) and niche brands like the one I worked for became less and less desirable.  This was a one hundred and eighty degree swing from the way it was in the 90’s, when prestige retailers prided themselves on offering customers that “point of difference” that niche brands provided.
Like millions of successful Americans I was downsized in this tough economy through no fault of my own, but unlike most, I didn’t see it coming.  My business was good, compared to most, and I had a strong history of success.  (Surely, that would buy me some time, I thought.)  I had made millions of dollars for the company I worked for and I naively thought that I was immune to the economy.  I was stunned.  I was devastated.  I was angry…for about 5 minutes.
I picked myself up, brushed myself off and quickly started searching the internet for my next opportunity, all the while thinking that “everything happens for a reason” and that “God had a better plan for me.”   What I stumbled upon, was a post for a “national sales leader to help launch a new skincare company.”  It sounded like it was right up my alley and I sent my resume.   I discovered that it was for to Rodan and Fields Dermatologists®.  I remembered that these products were originally sold in high-end department stores and that they had become the No. 1 clinical skincare brand nationally at Nordstrom.  So far so good, I was beginning to get excited, but when I learned that the doctors had pulled the products out of department stores and were now sold via a Direct Sales business model, my heart sank. 
I didn’t know much about the industry, but what I knew that I wanted no part in it…I was looking for a REAL job; one that would pay me the six-figure income that I was used to making .  I was a corporate girl and I was not into parties! 
But I decided to do some research because the chance to partner with the doctors who created Proactiv® was compelling.  I knew they had a legacy of success, (Proactiv® became a billion dollar brand), they were loved by the beauty press and their products had a great reputation and won numerous awards.   During my research, I learned that the Direct Sales industry has created more millionaires than corporate America has.  I learned that in this industry, timing is everything, much like location is for real estate, and that those who join early have the advantage.  Most who become millionaires start early in the development of a company. 
But I was still not convinced and gave the information to the biggest skeptic I know: my dear husband.  I figured that he would poke holes through it for sure!  If there was a logical reason out there, showing me why I shouldn’t, why this was crazy, he would find it.  But he didn’t.  He researched the doctors, the products and the business model and at the end of it said "just do it."  He could not find one reason why I shouldn’t jump in and I started working it part-time.
For less than $700 (much less than many other Direct Sales companies and way less than a franchise) I am the CEO of my own company.  I have two beautiful websites (that dot com thing is working for me now), I work from home, I make my own hours,  I call the shots, and I get to help others along the way.  What's not to like about that?
I received my first promotion my first month in business.  I earned enough that month to pay for my daughter’s high school tuition and made my first bonus the following month.  I am on my way to financial freedom beyond my wildest dreams and am enjoying my new business much more than I did my corporate job. 
The ability to earn an unlimited income no matter what your education level is, or the amount of experience you have, or who you know, is something that no other business model provides, but what makes it even sweeter and far more rewarding is that as I’m building wealth, I’m teaching and helping others live the life of their dreams along the way.  
I'd love to help you too!  Contact me to get started:  (773) 909-4253 or dreamskincare@gmail.com.

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