Friday, May 6, 2011

Dream Job

              Find Your Dream Job    
            Live Your Dream Life  


What Makes a job a Dream Job? 
  • Ability to be your own boss, flexible hours, and work from anywhere (even at the beach.)
  • Build an ongoing stream of residual income, with products that are consumable and replenishable, focused on a market or product that is a growing trend.
  • Spend more quality time with your family.
  • A sense of satisfaction and helping others.
  • There's no glass ceiling, you can write your own paycheck, and you'll never be downsized.    
  • The timing is perfect, the products are award-winning, the press loves you, and the pay-plan is lucrative!      

Would you like to eventually walk away from your 9-5 corporate job,
reinvent yourself, find your dream job, and retire more comfortably than
you ever thought possible? Do you want to know how to build a thriving
business working part-time from home?

Learn how I was able to walk away from Corporate America, reinvent
myself, and earn an all-expense paid trip to a luxury resort in Napa, courtesy
of our famous doctors, just by sharing the products and the opportunity
with others.    


We offer the only anti-aging skin roller in the Direct Sales Industry,
so revolutionary, it was featured on the Today Show and beauty editors are calling it "better than injectables."

Discover our new technology that delivers younger-looking,
firmer and more radiant skin with just one minute a day.

  • Will your current job fulfill the hopes and dreams you have for you and your family?
  • Are you positioned to retire comfortably?
  • Did the economic climate affect your 401K or college fund? 
  • Have you lost income as a result of being downsized? 
  • If anything you've read has resonated with you, then you may be ready to          change your life and take control of your financial future. 

I can help you start your own economic recovery,
working part-time from home.

Call me to set an appointment today!

Rose Gallo-Rojas
Level V Executive Consultant
   Rodan + Fields Dermatologists    
Contact Information
        Rose Gallo-Rojas
        Level V Executive Consultant
        Rodan + Fields Dermatologists 
        Phone:(773) 909-4253

Quote of the Day

"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day." Jim Rohn