Monday, January 24, 2011

Before and After Pictures

This man used Reverse Regimen in the morning and Anti-Age at night.  Not only did he lighten his age spots, but he also smoothed out his crow's feet and fine lines.

Cynthia started using our new Anti-Age Regimen and AMP MD delivery system in October of 2010.  By the end of December, her lines were less pronounced.
Even though she's smiling in the After photo, her skin is less lined.

You can see how much less "hooded" her eye lid is in the after photo.  Notice also the improvement in the depth of the wrinkles on her cheek.

Notice that not only are this person's blemishes gone, but the dark spots on her skin are much lighter and less obvious.

 This young man not only improved his acne, but also his self-esteem as a result.

You can see how much lighter the spots on the hand with the watch are, compared to the other one.
Look how much younger this person looks in the After picture.  Both pictures are foundation-free.

Not only are her sun spots lightened, but this customers looks younger as a result!

 This customer suffers from rosacea.  Soothe regimen helps her diminish the redness and
put on a happy face.
Look at the amazing improvement in this man's psoriasis in just 3 weeks of Soothe regimen.
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