Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Reasons Why, by Bob Rojas

I am a thirty year veteran Captain of the Chicago Fire Department. I have been decorated numerous times for doing my job well. This career has given me the opportunity to earn a college degree, provide for my family, help my community, and create lifelong friendships. Nothing in my past ever prepared me to enthusiastically introduce and endorse a skin care and direct selling business opportunity to friends and strangers alike.

I do so for various reasons; the experience, credentials, and business savvy of the people running the company, the credibility and sincerity of the Doctors, their clinically proven products, and a business model that sets no boundaries on how much I can earn through my perseverance and hard work. I have fully embraced that good old American entrepreneurial spirit. I see clearly, a path to create for our family, not only financial independence but the ability to let go of the safety net and limits associated with an hourly wage.

I have risked my life proudly, for thirty years and for that I will receive a pension, Social Security, and a draw form a 401K type plan. Although I am extremely thankful for the abundance that I currently experience, those things combined won’t give me what I can earn at Rodan and Fields in a much shorter amount of time!
The greatest thrill though is to work side by side with the hardest-working most successful business person I have ever known, a great Mom, my best friend and wife, Rose.

The financial rewards that this business has brought us are compelling, but the most rewarding and enriching part of this opportunity is what it has brought to Rose and me at this stage in our marriage. We are united in our quest and are truly having fun growing our business. I encourage couples that like spending time together to explore the possibilities that direct sales provides especially with a great company like Rodan and Fields.

Quote of the Day

"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day." Jim Rohn